Why Akaretler Besiktas

Within Walking Distance to Campuses
Earthquake Resistant Strong Structure
Luxury and Safe Rooms

Akaretler Student Dormitories are located in Besiktas, one of the central and valuable districts of Istanbul.

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We congratulate all our students who have worked devotedly for many years to step into university life. You have stepped into a new education life by showing outstanding success. From now on, you will be away from your loved ones, city and environment throughout your university life. In this process, your life will change drastically. We will be happy to be with you throughout this educational life. We are happy to be with you in this environment where living together, standing on one’s own feet and making good friendships take place.

With the privileges of being a student in a big metropolis like Istanbul, we offer superior service to serve you with details that will meet all your needs in a comfortable, family-friendly environment. We are here to ensure that you have a full education life in terms of our security systems, social living areas and the location of our dormitory.

Akaretler Besiktas; It is not an organization affiliated with any political formation or sectarian community, but at the same time, it is a professional organization in its field that acts with the principle of contemporary service based on Atatürk’s Principles and Revolutions.

Akaretler Besiktas Student Dormitories; It includes the factors that all students need throughout their education life. Due to its location, it is located in an area where social life is extremely active in Besiktas. It has become possible with the facilities of our dormitory to experience the safest and most enjoyable state of being a student in Istanbul.

Akaretler Besiktas Student Dormitories; Cafeteria, student study rooms, laundry/ironing room, unlimited wifi internet, fitness room, refrigerator in all rooms, intercom, satellite system, central heating systems, hot water and room cleaning every other day, aims to provide students with a comfortable dormitory life.

Akaretler Besiktas Student Dormitories, which also attaches great importance to security; It also aims to provide high-level security with 24-hour camera security, fingerprint access system and fire alarm systems.