Student Admission and Registration Conditions

The following steps are followed in order for student admission to our institution.

1. The priority is to introduce the dormitory physically. For this reason, the student and the student’s parents first observe the conditions of the dormitory. Students and parents who are satisfied with the physical conditions they see can proceed to the second step.

2. If you like the conditions of the dormitory, a file containing the official regulations and the principles of the institution is presented to the student and parent. Students and their parents, who positively agree to comply with these institutional principles, are included in the registration process.

3. During the registration phase, an interview is held. Your student is approved by the dormitory manager to place him/herself in a suitable quota in terms of mental and physical health.

4. We need to make some reminders about how we can continue together in the 2023-2024 academic year in peace, security and happiness in order for the student to register in the dormitory quickly and completely. We recommend that you read the Institutional Regulations carefully.

If there is something you do not understand, please notify the Dormitory Management during the interview and registration. We recommend that you fill out the petition, which we have prepared with years of experience and prepared for your possible requests. Other than that, you can submit your requests to the Dormitory Management at any time with a petition. In this case, we will officially start the tracking process. We will find the opportunity to act more quickly when you have requests.

In case you send a statement of claim regarding your child, we ask you for a statement of signature. Until you make a request for the second time, persons other than the student’s parent who submitted the signature statement cannot make any demands.

Required Documents

Your Identity Card Example
Certificate of Residence
Student Certificate

Proof of being a student is required from the school or course administration.

Health Report

Your health status, a doctor’s report showing that you are suitable for living in a public place (from the government, municipality, dormitory school doctors or medico-social center)

Judicial Registry Document
4 Passport Photographs